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Business Leadership Coaching
Catapult was founded out of a frustration with the current business leadership coaching and peer group models.

We believe that there is a crisis of leadership in the business world today.  The emphasis on innovation and speed in our global economy has led to incredible forward leaps technically, but many great organizations are struggling.  

Business leadership coaching, training, and peer groups are a great way to address this problem, but the majority of the organizations delivering these services are doing it the same way they would have done it 50 years ago.  

Catapult strives to be flexible and innovative in how we deliver our services.  We believe that each company and leader is unique.  We are on a journey to create a set of offerings that allow a fast or hyper growth company to have access to what it needs when it needs it. We cant provide these services without having great coaches. 

We are a unique set of individuals that have experience growing and leading businesses and are firmly committed to developing other leaders.  Join us in our quest to create a community and an organization that allows leaders to blaze a trail!

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