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  • Is my company eligible?

    Any company over $1m in revenue that has grown by double digits or is planning on growing double digits is eligible to be a member.

  • Can I be a member?

    There are 2 factors to determine eligibility.  1) Are you responsible for P&L decisions? 2) Are you willing to be held accountable to normal financial metrics (Revenue, Gross Margin, Net Income & Growth) as well as the growth of the leaders within the organization.

  • What is the difference between Catapult and other Peer Group models?

    Catapult is different in a couple of different ways.  1) We offer multiple ways for leaders to engage with us, meaning we are more flexible. 2) Our coaches are paid at a higher percentage than our competitors, so we have better coaches with more member focus. 3) We have innovation at our core.  We are consistently working hard to use innovative technology, process and strategies to deliver a better experience.

  • What are the benefits of Catapult to businesses, entrepreneurs and executives?

    Catapult will drive focused innovation and strategic accountability.  We strive to "level up" the leader and the organization and then give them the tools they need to make the journey.

  • How often do the peer groups meet?

    Most of our peer groups meet quarterly, but we do have a few groups that have a different schedule (ie-One is evaluating monthly meetings).

  • What is a typical agenda for a peer group meeting?

    Typical meetings last a day and a half.  The first part of the meeting leaders reconnect over past performance and then spend the rest of the meeting going through critical issues.

  • How many people are in a peer group?

    Each group is different, but we strive for 5 -10 members in a group.

  • What are the objectives for 1 on 1 coaching?

    One on One coaching establishes the goals of the leader and of the organization and then works in a methodical way to reach those goals.

  • Should I have a peer group and an Advisory Board?

    We believe that an effective peer group can replace some of the needs and responsibilities of an advisory board.  We also have members who choose to have both.  In that case the Advisory Board is normally focused on Capital and Governance while the Peer Group is focused on Strategy, Business Model, Leadership and Accountability.

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